Why Is My TP-Link Not Connecting To Internet?

This is a new type of technology that can provide wireless internet access to numerous devices at your office or home. It is a dual-band router that has an Ethernet port, so it can be used with phones, laptops, computers, tablets, etc. As there are LTE and WIFI antennas and Ethernet ports present at the Router, The Tp-link routers can easily provide a 3G or 4G internet connection to your devices very easily. It is very common that you face a situation where your tp link router stopped working, and if you are facing a similar problem, then continue reading the information below.

Why Is My TP-Link Router Not Working?

Sometimes we may fail to access the Router's built-in management utility, which is This can result in landing an error page or no response at all and displaying a blank screen. There can be many reasons for the tp-link Router not connecting to your device, and some of the reasons are mentioned below.

  • Devices not connected- it can happen that your wired or wireless devices are not connected to your TP-Link Router's network. As is an internal only management utility, you can access it only after you are connected to the router network.

  • Multiple Network Connections- it can be possible that you are running multiple network connections at the same time, such as wireless, wired, and a VPN. 

  • Cached Public IP address- if you keep receiving the error message on the screen, it is possible that you have cached the public IP address of

How To Solve The Issue If Your TP-Link Router Not Working?

  • In case of multiple network connections and you are unable to access the management utility, it is advised to disable or disconnect all your wireless, wired, or VPN connections and then try to access them again.

  • If the tp-link Router not working, you should check that the device Ethernet cable is connected securely to the WAN port and check whether the cable is loose or connected poorly. To check whether the fault is in the cable, you should use a new ethernet cable and see if the issue is still there or not.

  • If you keep on receiving an error message, you will have to clear your browser history, cookies, and cache. You can use the below-mentioned method to clear your google browser data.

  • On your computer, you have to visit the google chrome search engine.

  • Now locate the top right corner of the screen and select more by clicking the three dots.

  • Click More tools and select the Clear browsing data option.

  • Navigate to the top of the screen, and choose a time range.

  • To delete every data, you have to select All time.

  • Now next, you have to check the boxes of "Cookies and other site data" and "Cached images and files," and proceed further to select "Clear data."

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