How To Fix Netflix Black Screen on Phone and Smart TV?

If you are playing anything, particularly on Netflix, then sometimes while streaming, you might get a black screen while watching or playing something, and you may hear sound or not. Then in such a scenario, you will have to be sure to clear all the unwanted material from your smart TV so that you can get rid of the issue of the black screen of Netflix on your TV. So, first, you must know the major issues that are the main problem you are facing Netflix black screen on smart tv because once you get an overview about the issues, you can easily run a solution for those queries and get access to Netflix black screen.

Common issues of Netflix Black Screen on Smart TV: 

  • The most common issue can be cookies and cache of your browser
  • Netflix website is not reloading properly due to poor connection
  • Or it might be the issue with the old version of Netflix you are running over Smart TV
  • Internet speed might not be compatible with supporting Netflix on TV
  • Virus or malware issues are the most common trouble
  • Lastly, it can be the Netflix app on your smart TV is down.

Therefore, the above mentioned are the common problems you might face while running Netflix on smart TV where you are getting black screen issues, and sometimes you might face sound problems. Hence now, if you seek solutions for getting rid of this problem of Netflix black screen on tv, you will have to follow some simple and most useful steps which you are going to get here in these mentioned points, which are for your reference. 

How To Solve Netflix Black Screen On TV: 

  • First of all, the user should clear all the cookies and cache of the TV browser
  • Reload Netflix website once again on TV
  • Try to update Netflix on your TV via the play store app
  • Log out from your Netflix account and delete its app as well. Further, once again reinstall Netflix and login in again
  • Also, you will have to update the video driver on your TV for better performance 
  • Further users must also run antivirus tests to clear virus or malware issues.

However, if you are facing issues of Netflix black screen on Phone, then there are many more supporting steps by which you will conveniently resolve the black screen issues from your Phone.

Steps to solve Netflix black screen on Phone: 

  • First off, you need to clear app cache over your Phone
  • Then delete the Netflix app and reinstall the app again
  • Now you should disable color correction feature 
  • At last, follow the other important mentioned prompts to get appropriate solutions.

Thus, if the issue persists, you will have to contact the Netflix customer care support team to fix Netflix black screen problem from your Android, PC, or smart TV, as you will get accurate assistance from the experts.

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