How Do I Set Up Suddenlink Email on My iPhone?

Suddenlink is one of the top-rated telecommunication services in the USA, and it always provides the best services to its users. So, Suddenlink also has its email service. Wherever you are in the world, a high-speed and trustable mail platform can solve everything. And Suddenlink is that one mail platform for you. 

If you already have a Suddenlink email and are struggling to know how to set up Suddenlink email on iPhone. Then you should refer to the steps written below, and you will find yourself setting up a Suddenlink account on your iPhone. 

Set Up A Suddenlink Email on Your iPhone 

  • The first step is to take to your iPhone settings and click on the option associated with mail settings.
  • Tap “Add account” and write in your personal details like your name, address, mail id, and then password also, if there is any other information asked. Complete all the mandatory fields. 
  • Then simply click on the “Continue“ button. You will then see another page with the option “Pop.” Click on the option and scroll down to the “Incoming Mail server.” 
  • Enter the necessary information like Hostname -, your username, and then your password. 
  • Then again, scroll down to “Outgoing Mail Server.”
  • And again, enter the necessary information: Host name, which is, user name, and then your password for the mail account. 
  • Click on the “Save” option to continue. And then tap “Yes” for the option Cannot connect using SSL. 
  • And then tap “OK” to get away from the POP account verification failed warning. 
  • Simply click on “Save” and then “Save” again to continue the process and then open your Account, which you have created and scroll down to click on the “Advanced” option. 
  • Press the “Use SSL” in order to turn it to the off position, and then you will see that the server port has changed from 995 to 110. 
  • And then click on the Home option, then Mail, and then again Setting. Now you will be able to send or receive the mail through the Suddenlink email. 

Note: If your Suddenlink faces some problems or is not working properly, you should always check the information you are adding to access the mail account. Otherwise, this is a quick tip to always add accurate and correct information while setting up your Suddenlink account. 

Therefore the above steps help you with the answer to how to set up Suddenlink email on your iPhone. Now you can continue with those steps and use the Suddenlink mail services on your iPhone. 


Now, this is the end to the information regarding the Suddenlink email setup on iPhone.  However, suppose you face any issue regarding the setup or anything else. In that matter, you can reach the customer department of Suddenlink or send your mail with the queries on their mail account. You can choose to share your concerns at any time of the day as their department works throughout the day and night. So, you can always expect their assistance. 

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