How Do I Recover Hacked Facebook account?

Are you facing issues with your Facebook account because it has been hacked? Or someone has got unauthorized access to it? Well, this can be quite frustrating and surely restrict you from having access to your social account. Hence, it becomes important to recover your account access as soon as possible. Also, Facebook provides you a couple of ways to recover your account without any hassle even if it is hacked.

Therefore, read this post further and get to know about the quick ways to recover hacked Facebook account, and how to use the recovery information for the same.

Steps To Recover Hacked Facebook Account

The following steps will help you to recover your hacked Facebook account, and also reset your password.

• Visit the Facebook’s My Account Is Compromised page in your web browser, then use the link to navigate to the Find Your Account page.
• Now, enter the username, phone number, or email address linked to your account in the given space, and then hit the Search button to find your account.
• Once you have found your account, then you’ll be asked to enter the current password. However, you won’t remember it, so hit the ‘Reset Your Password button.
• Next, you can see the password reset option that’ll be partially hidden such as email address or phone number.
• Hence, choose an option to get the Facebook verification code on it. Thereafter, get the code and enter it in the given space, and then you can create a new password on the new page.
• However, if you don’t remember the phone number or email address, then you can opt for the No Longer Have Access To These? Option and then you can enter a new email address or phone number so that Facebook can reach out to you for your account recovery.
• Hereafter, you’ll be taken to multiple account recovery alternatives such as – Trusted friends, security questions, recovery form, etc. as per your account’s profile settings. Hence, choose your account recovery method accordingly and then follow the onscreen instructions to get through the recovery process.
• At last, you can now enter a new password for your account and then save the account settings.

In the event, if you are unable to recover your Facebook account with the help of the aforementioned steps, then you can contact the tech experts on Facebook, and take their real-time assistance to recover hacked Facebook account.


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