How can I recover my Facebook password Without An Email And Phone Number? Get A Guide Below.

If you want to use your Facebook account, you must have a login password. Sometimes, it happens when we try to remember the password and end up failing. Email and the password of your Facebook account are important, but if you forget your Email, you need to reset it immediately.

Forgetting the password has now become a common problem. There are so many ways to reset your password. So, if you are wondering how to recover the Facebook account, email and phone number are required. But, if you do not have an email, you can still reset it. All you need to do is just follow the guide mentioned below.

Reset Facebook Password Without Email

  • Open the Facebook application on any of your devices.
  • Now, click on the “forgot your password” option given at the bottom.
  • Further, you will proceed to the new page in which you have to enter the phone number that you have registered in order to get a security verification code to reset your password.
  • Now, check a message on your phone and enter the correct security code in the given section.
  • Once you enter the code, your Facebook account password will automatically get reset.
  • Now, you can create a new password for your account.
  • Make a new password verify it to get confirmed.
  • Finally, you can log in to your account as usual.

Are you still wondering about Facebook account recovery without email, the above-mentioned steps will help you know the same. Your account recovery can also be made without a phone number. You can read further.

Reset Facebook Password Without Phone Number

  • Visit the official website of Facebook or open the Facebook application on any of your mobile devices.
  • Then, click on the “forgot password” option.
  • Now, you can enter the Email address and can avoid a phone number to get a security verification code.
  • Check your Email inbox to enter the security code.
  • Enter the 6-8 digit security CODE in the bottom section.
  • Further, click on the “Submit” option to reset your password.
  • After that, you can create a new password for your account.
  • Make a new password, verify it and make your account log in as usual.

If you are thinking about how to recover Facebook account without a phone number, the steps mentioned above will help you know to reset your account password without using your phone number. Also, password recovery can also be done by answering some of the security questions. 

Answer Security Questions Asked By Facebook

Security questions are those questions that you create at your account creation. These questions help you in recovering your Facebook account password if you try to remember them properly. So, you can try answering the questions as accurately as possible and can easily reset your Facebook.

The most frequently asked question of how can I recover my Facebook account has been answered above. If you still cannot access your Facebook account, contact the Facebook customer service and get quick assistance regarding the access.

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