Why Does My Xerox Printer Print Blank Pages?

The printer is one of the virtual devices mainly used in offices, schools, institutes, etc. The printer is not only used for printing documents; the user can scan the document, photocopy the pages, print banners, print out graphics, diagrams, and pictures. It is an electronic device, and sometimes it creates issues the most common issue that every user's face is their Xerox printer printing blank pages. There are many reasons behind this, and this is the root of most printer problems. To know the detailed information about this, you need to read below. 

Xerox Printer Printing Blank Pages, Why?

Facing issues while xeroxing the pages that your printer will be printing the blank pages due to Print configurations, low ink, or the commodity itself can all cause the victim to print blank pages. Examine the following: Ensure the product is manufactured on something like a smooth, level surface that broadens in all instructions further than the base. If the merchandise is shifted slightly or at an angular position, it will not operate effectively. There have other issues with the xerox printer printing blank pages. So, there are reasons for not printing further you will see it.

  • Driver and software problems 

  • Insufficient paper size

  • Empty paper while printing any document

  • Clogged neb

  • Wrong cartridge induction

Here are the methods of fixing the issue of Xerox Printer Printing Blank pages

  1. Method 1, Choose Skip Blank Page 

Check that there are no blank pages in the report you're attempting to print. You can even use the Devices And printers function to verify for and consider removing any blank pages before printed paper. Conversely, in your printer settings, select Skip Blank Page.

Select Start > Settings > Devices > Printers & Scanners in Windows 10.>>>Select your printer, then Manage > Printing Preferences, and finally Skip Blank Page.>>> Select menu > System Preferences > Printers & Scanners > Options & Supplies on your Mac>>> Select the Driver or Options tab, then toggle the Skip Blank Page switch to On.

  1. Method 2, Reset the Printer and again start it 

  • A restart usually fixes graphical problems throughout most devices, so try restarting your printer to see if the blank printout problem goes away. Open your printer, withdraw both cartridges, and unplug the computer's charging cable and other cables.
  • After 10-15 minutes, connect up the printer's charging cable and another transmission line, reinstall both cartridges, turn on the printer, and print a test page.

Hence, by above-mentioned ways will help the user in resolving all types of issues that can be confronted in xerox copier printing blank pages. And, further, you face any problem, call the live person at Printer service support person and resolve it promptly.

Why Is My Xerox Printer Not Printing?

The reasons behind this problem are mentioned below.

1. Different paper sizes: The size of the paper matters; if the user uses a different paper size simultaneously, then the printer is not printing. So you need to check the size of the pages from the settings, and if you see any modification required, do it. 

2. Paper jams: When you print many pages simultaneously or if your printer prints the pages too long, an issue arises, and after some time, your printer starts printing blank pages. 

3. Check the updates: You need to check the updates by visiting your device's settings and if your device shows any updates to your printer, then make an update. 

4. Cartage issues: This is the most common issue when your cartage is not set correctly or if your ink box is empty, your printer will give you blank pages.

5. Physical damage: Check whether any part of your printer is damaged from any side, and if it is damaged, then your printer will not work correctly and print blank pages. 

6. Print spooler services:   You have to go to the print spooler services on your device, and if your printer services are off, click the one option, then check the printer by printing any document.

Different ways to resolve this problem are mentioned below: 

1. Check cable connection: You have to connect the wire properly, and if the wire is damaged at any point, you need to change it quickly.

2. Reset the device: The user needs to complete reset their device, but before formatting the device, they have to make sure that they already make a back of all the data. Because after formatting the device, they cannot access any data.

3. Connected device: Check the printer and see whether it is connected with the correct device; if your printer is connected to other devices, then change the settings and connect with your device and resolve the problem like the Xerox copier printing blank pages.

Xerox Copier Printing Blank Pages

The steps you need to follow to remove this problem are mentioned below.

  • At first, have to open the device and go to the section settings.
  • Next, you need to open the corresponding device section and select the printer option.
  • After this, a new page will open; you must open the printing preferences section.
  • In the following, you have to click the maintenance tab and go to the extended tab settings.
  • Last you have to click on skip the blank page and then save the changes. 

The steps mentioned earlier will give you information about why is my Xerox printer not printing still, suppose if you find any issue, then you can also contact the official representative.

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