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Apple is one of the tech giants who have occupied the entire world through its offerings and products. Since the company is famous for its top-notch features and services also it employs high-end security and privacy practices to keep the data safe. Moreover, it provides every product with lots of protection so that the information can't put at stake.

Additionally, the company provides a number of ways to help every single user so that he or she would not face any problem while accessing the Apple services. Aside from this, you can fix any issue no matter it is a major problem or minor if you have any problem with Apple services you can fix it by going to the website's support page.

Besides, just in case, you have any problem with Apple account recovery and you are not able to recover your account, in such a case, what should you do? Well, either you can contact the Apple customer support team or follow the steps mentioned below. This post will provide you all the required information about the recovery process. And also, it will help you to know the status and time taken to recover the account.

How would you recover your Apple account?

  • First of all, you will require opening the page on the browser.
  • Thereafter, you will require entering the Apple account ID that you need to recover and click the Continue option.
  • Further, you should opt for the ‘I need to reset my password’ option and click on the Continue button.
  • Then you would have two choices, you need to pick either ‘Get an email’ or ‘Answer security questions’ option.
  • After selecting the recovery option, you need to click the Continue option.
  • On choosing the email option, you will get to see your recovery email address. Select the email account and click the done option.
  • In this way, you will receive an email mentioning Apple account recovery in the subject of the email.
  • Once you open the email, you would require clicking the Reset Now option.
  • After that, you will see options to create a new password also to confirm the password, you will have option.
  • On completing all the above steps, you will need to click the Reset Password option.

In this way, you will complete the Apple account recovery process without having any problem. Moreover, if you face any hurdle while recovering the Apple account, you can contact the customer service team.

How can I know the Apple account recovery status?

If you need to know the status of your Apple account recovery you can do that by going to the Apple website. Or else, you will have to call the Apple customer service to know the status of your account recovery, though you would not require until and unless there is a big problem in recovering your account.

How long does apple account recovery take?

Well, if you have all the required information about your Apple account, there would not be any problem. But if you don’t have access to your recovery email address and phone number or you have forgotten the security questions. In such situations, you have to face some hurdles in your path of account recovery.

Moreover, if you are thinking about Apple account recovery time, then, it will take a couple of minutes to reset the password. All you need is to provide all the required information and complete the account recovery process.

What if you are not able to recover the Apple account?

Once you perform all the above steps and follow the procedure, you will not worry about the Apple account recovery process. On the off chance, you happen to see any trouble while resetting the password; you can get help from the technical experts at Apple customer service.  The team will help you out thoroughly to provide all the information also will help you to reset the Apple account password.

The team of Apple support gets always ready to provide you help whether it is day or night. So you can get help from them around the clock to fix any problem with your Apple device or services.  

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