How Do I Fix Xerox Paper Jam?

Xerox has the most efficient and well-manufactured printers as it is a pioneer in the printer manufacturing domain. The user base of xerox printers is very large and spread over the globe. If you are also using a Xerox printer and encountered common errors like paper jam, ink overspreading, etc., do not worry we have a fix for you. 

One of the common errors that Xerox printer users face is the xerox paper jam error phenomenon. It happens when your paper gets stuck in the printer and can only be fixed by removing and reinserting the paper back in the printer. If the paper jam

happens your printer gets stuck and nothing could be printed.

Let's check out the reasons why a paper jam occurs.

1)The main reason that this could occur is inserting the wrong paper in your Xerox printer. One would suggest that you read all the guidelines regarding the type of paper needed for your printer.

2)The second reason this could happen is a misalignment of the papers you have inserted. You can remove the papers and reinsert them to align them properly.

3)One would suggest you store your papers in a moisture-free environment and avoid using torn-out papers in your Xerox printer.

Ways to Clear your paper jam from the tray

If you are looking for a solution to fix the xerox paper jam problem, we have you covered. You need to go through the following steps to fix your printer:-

Clear the paper jam from the tray:-

1)You initially must pull out the paper tray from your Xerox printer.

2)Now, you can remove any stuck paper in the printer as it must have stuck and torn down.

3)Try locating the two green latches above the paper tray.

4)Press the latch, and the tray will come out. Remove any paper stuck in the tray.

5)Put back the tray, and the latch will automatically lock-in.

6)Go on, and you can now resume the printing. Removing stuck papers and properly aligning the papers will fix the paper jam issue.

Clear paper from inside the printer:-

1)You first need to open your Xerox printer's front cover.

2)You can now pull the ink cartridge out.

3)Now, you can remove the jammed paper from the printer.

4)You can now return the cartridge and resume your printing.

One would suggest you take care while working with your Xerox printer as some parts of the printer may be hot and could be dangerous if you work without precautions.

Reading the information above, you must know how to fix xerox printer paper jam issues. However, if you have any doubt or need additional information, you can refer to the Xerox user manual you got at the time of purchase. You can also visit the official site of Xerox or contact its representative directly to get any help and assistance.

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