How to fix Gmail not working on iPhone and Mac?

Sometimes the iPhone and Mac use felt difficulty in Gmail authentication. Many times there is a need to check emails, but at that time iPhone shows authentication fails. To facilitate this need of authentication problem, Google is working to make Gmail more accessible on IOS, whether it's iPhone or Mac. It doesn't mean the Authentication problem of the Gmail account is seen on Ios only there are sometimes when Gmail not working on android as well. So if the user wants to fix Gmail working on iPhone and Mac, they need to follow some footprints that will help users n fixing their issues with Gmail.

Steps to fix Gmail not working on iPhone

  1. Go for the Gmail website using the iPhone web browser and check for alerts.
  2. Review the recent devices in which the user's account is logged in.
  3. Now the user is asked to log out all other accounts will try to log in from the account that needs to be fixed
  4. if it is not opening properly or creating a problem to account
  5. Now user need to enable IMAP, and the user needs to click on remove account
  6. Now after filing Captcha and clicking on removing account users account is removed from the iPhone
  7. Now the user is asked to set it up again.

There is a short cut also users can

  • Go for settings
  • Go to the apps and notifications section
  • Open Gmail app
  • Tap on clear data.  

Using above mentioned steps, the user can fix the issue if the Gmail not working on iPhone and can get access back to their account on following of these above-mentioned steps.

Fixes available for Gmail Not Working on Mac   

  1. Users can go for changing security settings for Google account that may fix the problem.
  2. Reset up Gmail account using IMPA. Please make sure while using this fix, the previous messages, and previous data will remove completely.
  3. Users can open Safari and go for the account recovery option.

If these fixes don't help, the user can go for the below-mentioned steps to fix the non-working of the Gmail account.

  1. Firstly the user needs to close Gmail App.
  2. Now user needs to open the keychain option presented on the Applications option, then click on Utilities or Spotlight Keychain.
  3. Then the user is required to search for the accounts that are creating trouble in accessing. 
  4. Now users need to delete keychains.
  5. Then the user needs to visit the account recovery option. 
  6. Then the user needs to sign in with the account that is problematic to the user.
  7. On the left-hand side, the user will get the security option. Tap on the Security option.
  8. Now the user will see the Third-party apps with account access section; tap on "manage third-party access."
  9. Now click on the macOS option to revoke the account access.
  10. Then sign out of the account. 
  11. Now go to your Mac open system preferences, then internet accounts, then go for the account's re-authentication account.
  12. Now open your mail and try to log in. 

Above mentioned steps will help the user in fixing the issue if Gmail not working on Mac. These steps and fixes will help the users in authenticating their account back. If still, the users are facing any issue, they can contact customer care service

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