A Troubleshooting Cisco Router Not Working After Reset

Cisco router is one of the leading brands in the technical market. Thousands of users are using this service as the Cisco router service is quite an effective modem through which users get good speed and reliability. But the main cause starts or begins when the Cisco router stops working and you are getting problems in appropriately getting its services. So, if you are facing issue such as the cisco router not working, the most common errors are listed below for your reference.

  • After reset, you might not be having trouble changing the Cisco router password
  • Or it could be a Cisco router connectivity problem 
  • More often, it could be a configuration issue after resetting 
  • Lastly, it can be like you tried to reset the Cisco router, but it is not reset accordingly with the commands.

Cisco Router Not Working After Reset?

However, in such case, you will have to perform some of the troubleshooting steps to make it work again after resetting. After which, you might resolve the issue of the cisco wifi router not workingand to execute such a task, you need to gather some of the basic points listed below.

  • If your Cisco router consists of the diagnosis option, then after reset, you can start diagnosis, and it will set all default settings back to normal. 
  • Further, you need to check whether the power supply is running appropriately and, if not, then make it proper.
  • After that, if your Cisco router is not working after reset, you should contact customer service and get an appointment for help from an executive.
  • Or in the end, you have to take the Cisco router to your nearest service center for the repair, and there you will properly get assistance and guidance.

Cisco WI-Fi Router Not Working?

While in case you have executed the process in regards with reset, but you are facing problem with cisco router not turning onthen there could be reasons like cord are not attached properly, or cables are rotten, and further you can see Cisco router blinking lights are not properly glowing then in such scenarios you will have to use these below mentioned points for help.

  • First, you need to replace all the rotten cables with new wires to make them work more efficiently. 
  • Then you can try to reset your Cisco router to go back to default settings easily, and you get its usage in proper condition.

You can replace the Cisco router with a new one to get the lights blinking to function properly and, without any trouble, operate it again with the best connectivity

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