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Middle East countries are famous all across the word for tourism. With deserts at one end to skyscrapers soaring high in the sky on another, Middle East is true epitome of beauty and infrastructure. Especially places like Kuwait is famous for its cultural heritage and definite architecture. And to connect Kuwait with other major parts of the world, Kuwait Airways provides daily connecting and direct flights all over the world. A major airline based in Kuwait, it’s headquartered on Kuwait’s international airport. Hence if you are flying to Kuwait for employment opportunities or maybe for travelling then you can easily do Kuwait Airways bookings and travel to Middle East. To know more refer to below points.

Kuwait Airways booking steps:

  1. To book flight in Kuwait Airlines tap on the website and enter
  2. As the web page opens, click on the very first option and click on book flight
  3. As you will click on the booking you will get few boxes with empty blanks that you need to fill for booking tickets
  4. Start filling the details by starting with choosing the destination you need to travel
  5. Also pick if you are booking one way tickets or round trip
  6. Next click on the date and time you prefer to travel
  7. Also mention number of adults and children travelling along with the class you are travelling in
  8. Next if you want list of flights only on fixed dates then you can even choose that.
  9. Once done choose the payment method by which you want to make payments
  10. Also enter if you have any promo code to avail some discount
  11. Once you have filled all your preferences now click on find flights and you are done.
  12. Now pick one flight from the list move ahead and make payment
  13. And with payment you are will receive a booking confirmation either on mail or number

After doing Kuwait Airways booking seats if you want to change or cancel your flights then you do so with the help of manage bookings. Manage bookings is made for cancelling or changing seats. To know more follow below steps.

Kuwait Airways manage booking:

  1. On the airline’s website click on manage bookings
  2. You will find an option of changing and cancelling seats
  3. Depending upon your preference enter your booking number followed by cancel or change flight

Hence you are done with Kuwait Airways manage booking. You can follow these steps accordingly.

Also if you have cancelled your flight then you can easily request for refund as well. You can apply for refunds through Kuwait Airways manage booking. Note that if you apply for refund after cancelling your ticket within 24 hours of booking then you will get full refund. And if you cancel your ticket after 24 hours then a part of your ticket will be deducted and then refunded back. And if you want you can even check for baggage policy before packing your bags. To know more refer to below details.

Baggage policy of Kuwait Airways:

  1. Number of bags allowed free of cost depends on the class you are travelling in.
  2. If you are travelling in economy then you can carry one bag free of cost
  3. And if you are travelling in business the n you can carry two bags
  4. In case you travel in business plus then you can carry up to three bags for free.
  5. Also there are certain guidelines related to weight and sizes for which you can go through baggage policy under manage bookings.

Therefore now you know about all the procedure and rules related to Kuwait Airways online booking and hence you can book accordingly. In case of any doubt or query you can even call up on reservation helpline number of Kuwait Airlines and seek help.

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