How do I contact Istanbul Airport?

When your flight date comes nearer, and you have prepared everything for it, but at the last moment, you realize that you do not know about the Airport from which you will take your flight. You must know how do I contact Istanbul airport and everything about the Airport, as many things are related to it, such as the parking, the terminal details, exit and entry gates, check-in, baggage, or the drop-off area. If you are at the Istanbul Airport and facing all these issues, you should have answers to all these questions so that you can get on your flight without much difficulty. You can contact the Istanbul Airport in many ways, and further in this read, we will discuss them.

Ways to get in touch with Istanbul Airport  

Contact via Phone Call: Through the Istanbul airport phone number, you can speak to a live person at Istanbul Airport, and they will provide you with details about everything that raises questions in your mind. The service is available 24 hours, and the executive will ensure that they provide all the solutions to you and help you make your journey comfortable. Follow the steps mentioned below to get the contact number of the Airport:

 Istanbul Airport

  • Phone Number: +90 444 1 IGA / +90 444 1 442.
  • WhatsApp Number:+90 444 1 442​
  • Address: Tayakadın District Terminal Street No.1 Arnavutköy / Istanbul.


  • Get down to the bottom and click on Contact.
  • Scroll down to contact, and the contact number under the Call Center heading will be given.

Contact via Live Chat: You can access Istanbul airport customer service anywhere without any time or place limitations. Live Chat is free of cost and the fastest mode to get someone to resolve your issues. The live chat agent will listen to your questions and provide the best answers for them to make your trip pleasant. Go through the below steps to get live chat support:

  • Visit the official website of Istanbul Airport
  • Scroll down to the end of the homepage and click on Contact.
  • On the contact page, scroll down and click on Live Chat.
  • A box asking for the details will open, and fill out that small form.
  • A message box will open, and you can start sharing your concerns.

Contact via Email: If you want to compliment or complain, you can contact the Airport through their email address. You just have to draft an email, put all your queries or compliments in it, and send it to Istanbul Airport. It is not as quick as the other modes, and the Airport will take time to respond, but they will ensure that they follow your suggestions and work on your complaints. The email address of Istanbul Airlines is given below:

Contact via Social Media: If you want to be updated about the facilities and services that Istanbul Airport has or the latest offers they follow, you should access their social media platforms. You can write your queries in the comment section of a post by tagging them, or you can also message them through it. The Istanbul customer support is active on their social media pages and will respond to you as soon as possible. All the social media handles of Istanbul Airport are listed below:

Contact via Feedback Form: If you were at the Istanbul Airport and their services and facilities impressed you, or you had a bad experience at the Airport, you can write all of them in the feedback form and submit it. Whether it is related to the baggage services, check-in, food, or other flight arrangements, they all can be added to this form, and the Airport will make improvements to provide the best journey to you. The procedure to get to the feedback form is given below:

  • Go to the official website of Istanbul Airport
  • Scroll to the bottom and click on Feedback Form.
  • A form will be open on the next page. Fill out the form with your details.
  • Add your suggestions or feedback in the Detailed Description section and click on send.

How can I get assistance at Istanbul Airport?

  • Helpdesk - When you reach the Airport, get to the Istanbul airport help desk and tell them that passengers are physically impaired and need wheelchair assistance. You need to provide the ticket details, and the executive at the help desk will assist.
  • Request Form - When you make a reservation, the request form will be available, and you can fill out the form and ask for Istanbul airport assistance. You will receive a confirmation at your registered email address, which will be useful when you reach the Airport. Show the confirmation at the helpdesk, and they will assist.
  • Phone Number - You can dial +90 4441442 and request airport assistance. 

The above information will help you get in touch with Istanbul Airport and provide details on getting special assistance.

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