How do I talk to a live person in Amazon?

Being an Amazon user you will have purchase different sorts of products and services for multiple purposes. These services come with lots of beneficial features and it never means you would not face any kind of technical issue. Users may confront lots of problems while using the Amazon related services these problems or queries might be of different sorts and it is always important to find an effective way to resolve the multiple queries and then you can contact the live person at Amazon customer service which is the best way to resolve all sorts of problems in a very instant manner.

How to contact Amazon customer service live person support team?

Do you want to talk to a live person to resolve your multiple problems? Then you can directly talk with the live person at customer service. You will have to know about the Amazon customer service hours before placing a phone call and this thing can help to resolve all sorts of problems instantly. You can dial this number across the world from 2 am to 10 pm PST every day in a week. You will get lots of options during the IVR menu and then press 1 if you want to contact the live person quickly. You can explain your issue and then stay online until the live person fined a proper solution to your problem.

How to request a call back from Amazon customer service?

You may also submit a request for a callback from the customer service representatives after filling a call back request form through and then choose an order for that you would like to receive a callback. To get Amazon Customer Service help, you have to select an issue that you wish to get a call back from the drop-down menu. Now select your country and then enter your phone number into the given field. After that, click on Call me now tab to request a callback from the live person.

How to contact Amazon live chat?

You have also an option of live chat that you can make with the live customer service representatives. You can perform Amazon Live Chat process through the below steps:

Open your browser and then go to
Choose an order or an item for that you want to chat.
After that, select your issue and then click on Chat tab.
What are the Amazon customer service contact details?
If you want to know about the contact details for Amazon Customer service live person, then you can go through the below instructions:

Amazon Customer Service Hours
It is available from 2 am to 10 pm PST on all days

Amazon Live Chat Customer Service Hours
Live chat representatives are available from 3 am to 10 pm PST on all days.

Amazon Customer Service Live Person Number
Amazon Customer Service: 1-888-280-4331

Amazon International Customer Service: 1-206-922-0880

Amazon Customer Service in Spanish: 1-866-749-7583

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