Is your Chromecast not working properly? Find resolutions here!

With all those innovations and introduction to new technology by Google, People are now fond of another introduction by Google. And this is Google Chromecast which can stream music, images, and videos on TV and is a wireless device. So, a user can easily get entertained without any hassle and all the long wires which take time when entangled. Ever since it has come into the market, people have gone crazy over it and like to use it because of its interesting features and services, and hence, Google again winning the hearts of people from around the world. 

But, if you are facing issues with Chromecast then you shall not get panicked or apprehensive. Every problem has a resolution and hence your Chromecast not working issue can also be resolved when you come to know the reasons and possible resolutions. All of which is stated in this article to help you. 

Resolutions for Chromecast Not Working Issue! 

  1. First, try to factory reset your Chromecast device. And for that you can follow the steps below: 


  1. Locate your Chromecast and find the side button to tap it down and hold the button for a few seconds. 
  2. When you see a television screen to go blank then Chromecast will automatically clear its memories. 
  3. And when you switch on, you need to set up Chromecast once more all over again.


And if it did not work and you still are facing Chromecast not working properly then you can follow another step. 

2) Try to extend the range of your Chromecast. Some Chromecast versions came up with extender which can be fit in HDMI port of the TV. This extender is provided to extend the dongle further. And to know how to extend the range using extender you can follow the steps below. 

  1. Take Extender wire and insert it on the HDMI port of your television. 
  2. And now insert Chromecast into dongle such that it hangs outside television and its signals are not blocked. 
  3. And now you can try to use Chromecast and check if your issue is resolved or not


Even after trying all the above steps you are still facing Chromecast not working on TV issue then you can choose to contact customer support. 

Contacting Chromecast support! 

In case your issue with Chromecast does not get resolved then you are free to contact customer support for Chromecast not working problem. This customer support is 24/7 active. 

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