How to fix AOL email not receiving emails?

This article is all about the solutions to the problems that we face when we stop receiving mails at AOL. There can be a lot of reasons behind certain serious problems behind AOL mail not receiving emails. These issues can be fixed by following some really quick troubleshooting steps.

If you, as the user, are able to sign in and access your account, but there is a case that you do not receive the new emails. This problem can be a serious one, but it can be resolved by following some easy steps.

You need to check your email filters

There are chances that a filter can cause emails to end up landing on some other platform like the spam folder or the spam folder. So, it should be taken care of before reporting the problem to the customer service Centre. 

You need to learn about late deliveries or delays in the deliveries

There is a rare chance of messages or emails being delayed to be delivered otherwise all the email service providers ensure the timely delivery of emails. Unfortunately, there is no other option than to wait for the message to reach you.

The user should check the Spam folder for emails

There can be a chance of finding mail into the Spam folder if you think that it does not belong there, and then you have to mark it as not spam. Following are the steps to complete the above-said procedure.

  • On the first note, you need to sign in to the AOL mail via the official website.
  • Tap on the Spam folder in order to check the new mails.
  • If you find a message that does not belong there, select that message.
  • You will find the option of Not Spam there at the top of the page, go for it.

So it was the whole guide highlighting the do’s in case of AOL mail not receiving emails. If you still cannot figure out the solutions, you can connect to the Customer service.

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