Why is Edge Not Working after Update?

When we think of browsers, Microsoft Edge does come to mind. Edge is regarded as the most frequently used browser across the globe. The number of users generally grows around the globe when we talk of Microsoft edge. It has a wider user base owing to the fact that it comes with the trust of Microsoft and all the windows users rely on it.

Like every other browser, Microsoft edge also professes some glitches and problems while working with it. There are endless things that one needs to take into consideration when are met with problems while working on Microsoft edge. If you are one of those who have faced issues while working with Edge, then you have come to the exact right place. Here in this paper, we are going to include the most common problems and what solutions could be taken in order to eradicate the same. So stay tuned and follow until the end to grab details.

Reason for Edge not responding

Let us first consider the common problems faced by the users while working with an edge.

Case 1 There have been instances where the users have faced errors while working on Edge. So the basic problem is that Microsoft Edge opens but it stops working or Edge not working.

For eradicating such errors the users are required to follow the steps mentioned down under:

  • Visit the Microsoft Edge applications and there you need to click on the three dots that are present on the homepage in the upper right corner.
  • Next, you need to select the Settings option from the drop-down menu.
  • The users are required to clear out all the browsing data and then need to click on the option that reads ‘Choose what to clear.
  • You need to select the following to clear: browsing data, browsing history, cached data, and files.
  • After making the selection, the users then are required to click on the ‘Clear’ option.

You could follow the above-mentioned steps in order to rectify the Microsoft Edge not responding issue.

There are other cases where the users are met with complications while working on the Microsoft edge. You may face issues while opening Edge on your device.

  • Booting is the solution

Performing a clean boot is surely going to help you with rectifying the issues with your Microsoft Edge account. This issue generally arises when the users are using third-party programs and hence clashes occur resulting in glitches with Microsoft edge.

  • Updating your windows

Fix issue Microsoft Edge Not Working after Update

The users are always advised to stick to using an updated version of the Windows application. Updating the windows is surely going to help you with rectifying all the possible errors that you may be facing while working with Microsoft Edge.

Even after updating your Windows if you are faced with the edge not working after the update issue then you are advised to reinstall Microsoft edge.

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