How to fix Yahoo mail not receiving emails?

Yahoo mail has been providing the best services to its users. Communicating through emails is the best way of sharing information. The users face trouble when they do not receive the emails in Yahoo mail. There can be a number of reasons behind that.

If your yahoo is not receiving emails, you can take the troubleshooting steps mentioned below. These steps will provide you with the resolution of your Yahoo mail not receiving the emails.

Troubleshooting steps if you are not receiving the Yahoo mail:

  • Check your spam folder:

Yahoo mail automatically sends unwanted emails in your junk folder, but it can also make a mistake. So, you should check your spam folder if the email you are searching for accidentally ended up there.

  • Take a look at the filters applied in your Yahoo mail:

Before you hunt for your email in all the folders, you should check the filter section in Yahoo mail settings. These filters narrow down your search, so make sure that you remove all the filters from Yahoo mail that you have applied.

  • Check the block address list:

Sometimes you accidentally end up blocking the wrong person, so you stop getting the emails from them. If you are not receiving the emails in your Yahoo mail, you should check your blocked address list. To check the list, you will have to go to the settings and then enter the Privacy and Security section.

These are the steps that you can get if your yahoo mail is not receiving emails. You can further take the customer support persons' help to get the perfect answers to all your questions. The virtuoso of the customer team will help you in getting more and more about the Yahoo mail and you will get rid of the concerns.

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