Why Is My Printer Online But Not Printing?

It is a matter of great concern for your printer to not work when your corporate field of work needs everything written and printed. The printer is the device on which half of the work is dependent. In a meeting, you need the printed document of the core of the meeting.

Printers are very important devices and if yours is not working and you are looking for the answer to “Why is my printer online but not printing?” now, remove that frown from your face and know that you are on the right page. You will find some troubleshooting methods for making your printer work. Refer to the methods written below: 

Some Troubleshooting Methods To Correct Your Printer 

1. Turn Off Your Printer  

As simple as it sounds or comes out when you read it, it is the most effective method present out there to make your printer work. The method is to simply turn off your printer and then turn it on. However, you can try giving some rest to your printer too.

2. Turn OFF Your Computer 

Now again, the problem might lie in your printer even if it's connected, the problem is just somewhere in the computer or the device which is connected with your printer, All you have to do is to turn off the connected device or our computer if it is easy and then turn it on. 

3. Check the connection 

Now, another very simple yet very effective method is to check the connectivity of your device to your printer. Sometimes, the problem lies nowhere but in the simplest thing of all like the wires or the connection is weak. So make sure or check if there is any problem with the connectivity issue of your printer and your printer. 

4. Check the printer status 

How amazing would it be if the printer tells you where the problem lies by itself. The steps are to go to the control panel of your computer and then click on “Devices and Printers.” Then, you can easily check the status of your printer with your device or the computer. 

5. Install security on your printer. 

If your printer is not installed with security then your printer is hacked and the hacker might use it as a back door to get the malicious content. Then, it is advisable to remove your printer from your default setting and then reinstall it but make sure that you use the updated security in your printer. 

6. Check the print queue 

If your printer online but not printing then you should check the printer queue and clear it if there are way too many print jobs. Sometimes, a lot of printing jobs in the queue will spoil your printer and will clog your printer and it won’t print. 

Contact Support Team When Your Printer Not Working  

This is the answer to why is my printer not printing online. However, it is often advised that you should take the printer to the official service center and get your printer corrected if none of the above-written steps doesn't work. 

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