How To Stop Norton Automatic Renewal?

Customers choose to have a subscription to Norton to protect their devices from viruses and malware. Many customers use Norton to give their computers and other devices proper security. Most of the services are offered as the automatic renewal of the subscription, and they often ask about how to stop auto renewal on Norton. If customers come up with these types of questions, they need a solution. Sometimes, Norton can be overprotective and can block most programs running on the device. In such a situation, the customer wants to stop the service of the software.

Practical steps to stop the Norton Auto-renewal:

Some of the valuable points to stop Norton automatic renewal that customers can go through are given below as they made their mind to stop the function of the software from their devices:

  • First, you have to sign in to Norton using your Norton username and password. 
  • Then you have to search for the My Account page on the website's home screen, and after navigating it, tap on the section.
  • Next to the Subscription option, you have to cancel the renewal and the auto-renewal charges from the software.
  • After that, tap on the Cancel Subscription Renewal from the below tab.’
  • Confirm your cancelation when the tab appears and click the Cancel button.

With The Help Of Customer Service:

When customers are stuck in a situation where they cannot find any solution to cancel the renewal, they ask about how to remove automatic renewal on Norton. These steps that are mentioned above can be helpful for the customers. They can contact the customer service of the Norton Anti-virus and ask for a solution from them. There are some ways that you can follow to get in touch with the customer service:

Norton Support Through Phone Calls:

If you are in a hurry and want to reach Norton's customer service person, you can call them on their phone number that you can get from their official website. Once you have placed a call to the customer service representative, you can ask them to auto-renewal the subscription. The customer service executive will guide you to auto-renew the Norton Subscription with the proper information and instruction.

The customers who are always in confusion ask about the renewal process. They follow the process mentioned above and contact customer service if needed to resolve their queries. 

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