How Do I Stop Xbox From Charging My Credit Card?

The world of digital gaming has moved from 8-bit characters to CGI environments. Games have gone from being offline and fixed in environments to online open-world multiplayer environments. The evolution is mind-boggling, and every tech company is competing to give the best service out there. Microsoft has always been a winner in this field, and Xbox Live is one of the reasons why.

Customers who want to know how to stop Xbox charging credit card from their linked account may reconsider this thought after reading the latest features, perks, and benefits. You might think you are too old to participate, or maybe you don't have enough time. But the benefits are so many that you may reconsider your action. 

With The Xbox Membership, You Get

  • Access to unlimited games. Some come with a subscription, while you will get new, free games every month. There's something for everyone.

  • Online gaming platforms with voice chat options. So now you can connect with your fellow players.

  • Exclusive discounts and early access to the latest games. Perhaps some games will bring back childhood memories.

How Can I Remove My Credit Card From Xbox? 

If you still need to know how to stop Xbox charges on credit card, you may consider that this is not just about games. 

  • You can even access your OTTP platforms and watch your favorite shows and movies through this device. It will save you the hassle of changing the connections between Xbox and normal television settings.

  • You can have a normal chat with friends outside the games, one-on-one or in a group. 

  • People love to share their experiences through streams; you can either watch multiple streams or stream your own game online. This is included in the package, and you don't need to pay anything extra.

You can share and expand your fan base. Make new connections and discover new experiences. With the boom in AI and AR games, you won't have to go anywhere else; you can keep getting access to new ideas and adventures.

How To Cancel Xbox Live Charges?

However, if you truly want to know how to stop Xbox live charges, you can always cancel your subscription in a few easy steps.

  • Open or go to the official Microsoft website, and then select Xbox services. You will find it to be the fifth option from the logo.

  • Now open the 'Support' tile. This will again show a few options there select the 'Support Home' tile.

  • A new page loads after this. Here, select 'Help Topics'; this is again at the top.

  • From the list of titles, choose 'Subscriptions and Billing' link. Next, open the 'Manage Subscription' drop-down and select 'Xbox subscription cancellation and refund.'

  • One after another, open service and subscriptions', then 'Payment and billing' on a new page, and next click 'order history.' To stop Xbox charging credit card from your account, choose your membership and cancel it.

Customers who are stuck mid-way or can not access their orders will have to contact a technical support executive. Luckily the website has options to solve your problems. You just have to navigate to the support and ask for help. Microsoft is a legacy, and hence you can expect to get nothing less from the support team.

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