How can you recover your hacked AOL email account?

Are you looking for information on how to recover your AOL email account after it has been hacked? This problem may be resolved by following a straightforward account recovery procedure. If your AOL email account has been hacked and the login information has been altered, you might be concerned since you will no longer be able to access it. However, there is no need to be concerned because a hacked AOL account can be re-accessed via recovery. You can learn more about how to recover hacked AOL account by reading the information given below.

Learn the process to recover your hacked AOL account?

When your AOL email account is hacked, you must recover it as soon as possible to regain access and keep it safe from other people's misuse. Whenever your AOL email is hacked, you can reset a new password using your recovery information that is either a phone number or an email address. To recover hacked AOL email account, just follow the instructions outlined below.

  • Go to AOL’s official website and navigate to the password reset link on it
  • Then, in the allotted box, type your user ID and click the next button
  • On the following screen, click "I forgot my password" and then select the next button
  • Next, you have to provide either your recovery email or registered number with your account
  • Then, to get a password recovery code, provide your registered phone number in the blank field
  • Next, copy the password recovery code from your phone and put it in the account recovery tab
  • Then AOL will verify your account and forward you to a password reset screen
  • If you cannot get the code in your phone number, you can pick the option of receiving it through email
  • Then, to authenticate your AOL account, you must submit the code you got in your recovery email
  • After your account has been verified, you will be moved to the password reset screen
  • Afterward, you can generate a new password for your hacked AOL email account
  • Finally, after you've recovered your hacked AOL account, you can log in using your new password

You can use the steps outlined above to recover your AOL email account that has been hacked for the intention of misusing your account information. In addition, you can contact AOL's customer service department for assistance with your hacked account or any other difficulties you may be encountering.

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