My Yahoo Mail Notifications Not Working, How to fix it?

Yahoo Mail is one of the advanced online services that allow you to access incoming and outgoing emails. The biggest advantage that you have while using this service is getting important notifications on the linked device. However, some people face Yahoo Mail Notifications Not Working problems. Here, you will be prohibited to gain access to important communication related to the Yahoo mailing service. A few basic reasons cause this issue that is discussed below.

Reason for Yahoo Mail Notification not working

  • The android device is in DND mode.
  • Notification is off in the Yahoo mail app.
  • The Internet is not active on Android.
  • Yahoo account is signed out.
  • The battery of Android is low.

How to Fix Yahoo Notification not working?         

  • Dial 1-805-825-2024 or fix the notification settings of Yahoo mail, you should visit the settings of your android device and use this process Settings > Notifications > Turn off DND mode. This step enables you to receive the notification with the proper sound of the tone.
  • Turn the notification on for your Yahoo mail app by touching the profile picture. This will allow you to enable or disable the notification. This method will permit you to get the notification in the application settings.
  • Check whether you have properly signed into your Yahoo account or not. If not, then enter the login credentials in the required field to enter into your account.
  • Do not forget to activate the internet on your Android device. It is the essence to get the notification on the time and your device.

If you still have any issue in rectifying the Yahoo Mail Notification Android, then it is a better option to connect to the official customer service team of Yahoo and receive the required details. This method allows you to access the support service around the clock and gain the required information.

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