How Do I Fix The Flashing Light on My HP printer?

When you open your printer, you may see some lights blinking. Normally the power and attention light blink. Most people look to call an expert technician in such a case. You can easily repair such an issue on your own. You don't need to spend any amount. So if your hp printer blinking lights, you can try some of the methods mentioned in this article in order to fix the blinking problem. Whenever the light blinks, your printer has some issues that you need to fix quickly. You can follow the given instructions to fix your HP printer from blinking:

How To Fix HP Printer Light Blinking Error?

  1. Issues: when the power light and attention light blink faster

  • Here the power light blinks fast, and also, the attention light is on. Such an incident happens when you try to print without opening the output tray.

  • Solution: you have to open the output tray and print your documents. This way, you can easily fix your HP printer from blinking.

     2) Issues: the power light, attention light, and both ink level icons blink together.

  • When all these icons blink together, your cartridge access door is opened. This may cause a bigger problem for your printer if you don't fix it early.

  • Solution: whenever you see a power icon, the attention light, and both the ink level blinking, then you must close the cartridge access door.

Normally these issues will be fixed if you follow the ways mentioned above. But sometimes, what happens is that only the power light blinks. If your hp printer error blinking lights, that means it is under some sort of work. It might be processing a print or scan. You can follow the given instructions to know more about this issue and its solutions:

      3) Issue: If only the power light blinks

  • Sometimes in your HP printer, you may see only the power light blinking. This may be due to many reasons like the printer might be busy processing a print, scan, or photocopy.

  • Solution: you can Follow the given instructions to fix your HP power light from blinking:

Step 1. You must reset the All-in-one

  • You have to turn on your computer and then disconnect the power cord from the printer's rear.

  • Now unplug the power cord.

  • Wait for at least 15 seconds.

  • Now plug in the power cord again.

  • Now, reconnect the printer power cord.

  • Now turn on your printer.

Step 2 Print a test page

  • You have to put A4 paper in the input tray.

  • Now press and hold the start copy black button and start the copy color button until a noise comes in.

  • Now release both buttons together, and you will see a printed page from your printer.

How Do I Fix The Flashing Light On My HP Printer?

You can easily fix your HP light blinking problem by following these ways. The blinking light is a common problem everyone faces at one point in time. If you know these ways, you do not have to call a technician to fix it. If your hp printer blinking all lights, then you must check if all the connections are properly made. You have to unplug all the chords and then plug them in again, and it will begin to work.

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