How To Fix HP Printer Cartridge Not Recognized?

Now in modern times, you all must have a printer, and if on a deadline your printer stops working, then it must be going to irritate you, and if your hp printer not recognizing ink cartridge, then you must look for some methods so you can fix your printer. If you got any error message on the screen of your ink cartridge, then there are some possible ways by which you can resolve your issue.

How To Fix HP Printer Cartridge Not Recognized?

1. Printer Memory Needs Resetting. 

Sometimes your printer needs a resetting, and it detects the fill ink levels; however, it fails to work because the internal memory got full. Sometimes the hp instant ink new cartridge not working, so you have to follow the steps to resolve it.

  • You have to remove the new ink cartridge and then reload the old ink cartridge back into your printer.

  • Then you have to wait for at least 10-15 minutes before going to the next step.

  • Then again, remove the old ink cartridge and reinstall the new ink cartridge again.

Then you will see that your HP printer will recognize the new ink cartridge, and if after that also it won't work, then you can go for the alternative steps written below.

  • You must have to remove the ink cartridge from your printer.

  • Then you have to remove all the cords and power of your printer for 10-15 minutes.

  • Then after that, reconnect all the cords but before opening your printer, first, reload the ink cartridge to your printer and then see whether it works or not.

2. Remove protective tape 

Sometimes we forget to take out the brand and protective tape that is put over the ink cartridge, so check your ink cartridge, and if the tape is not removed and then remove it and turn off the printer and then put the ink cartridge again and then turn on the printer, then it will start working.

3. Wrong or defective ink cartridge

There is a chance that sometimes occurs that you buy a faulty or defective ink cartridge, and this should be the reason of hp printer new ink cartridge says empty or the printer not recognizing your ink cartridge in such case you need to go through the customer support of HP so they can help in replacing your ink cartridge.

4. Ink cartridge installation 

Sometimes your printer doesn't recognize your ink cartridge because you installed it in the wrong way. You have to check whether the ink cartridge is loaded properly in the slot position or not. And if not, then in such a case, you need to remove the cartridge and then turn off your HP printer, and after that, put it in the slot in the right position, and then after some time, turn on your printer, then you will see that the printer will start showing the ink cartridge.

Why Won't My HP Printer Recognize New Ink Cartridges?

With these easy methods, you must get the answer to the question, why does my hp printer not recognize my ink cartridge? If, after applying these methods still, your printer is not showing the ink cartridge, then you can go through the HP customer service team for the assistance,

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