Find A Way To Change Or Reset Your PayPal Password !

It is an American-based online money transaction company that manages the online payment methods and the finances of the users who have linked their accounts to PayPal. These users belong to many nations of the globe.

How To Change Your PayPal Password?

Manage the password of your PayPal account 

PayPal is the helping hand in the financial and payment-related field, and you can access its account through your device, including your mobile phone. As easily as you make your PayPal account and set the password, similarly, you can change PayPal password whenever you believe that your password can reach the wrong hands soon. You can look after these necessary points to get your password changed:-

  • Look forward to PayPal webpage on your browser

  • Mobile apps will not let you change the password.

  • Pick the option of “settings”.

  • Tap on the “Security” tab.

  • Now “password” you can click.

  • Here, first, insert your recent password.

  • Then type your new password twice.

  • Confirm it with the “change password” option.

Method To Reset Your PayPal Password

Resetting your password is the case when either you have lost the password or the account has been hacked by someone. If you are in any of these circumstances, you don’t need to be worried at all; just by looking after these easy points, you will know how to reset PayPal password through mail or phone:-

  • Go to the PayPal website.

  • Select the “Login”.

  • Now pick the “Forgot password”. 

  • Here type the email address that is linked to your account.

  • Check your mail and get the newly generated reset password code.

  • Type it in the code boxes and pass the security checks.

  • After this, a new password column will appear.

  • Now you can set your new password.

How To Change PayPal Password Via Phone Help?

If you have not linked your email with your PayPal account so you can follow the same steps by using the phone number that is associated with your PayPal:-

  • After choosing the “Forgot password” tab.

  • Select the “Phone number” option.

  • Now you will get the reset code in the text.

  • Fill in the code in the boxes.

  • Make your new password.

It is a very common problem that users have faced. You can easily operate the PayPal application and its website through your phone or other devices. It is not a big deal to know how to change PayPal password; if you get stuck in any of these possibilities, you can look forward to the above steps.

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