How Can You Change Your Primary Email On Facebook?

Facebook account is formulated through email and this is the primary email associated with your account. If you do not have access to the primary email address then you must associate another email account with your Facebook account for security and other reasons. The primary email is the first communication medium between Facebook and users which is why it is crucial to have access to your primary email address associated with your Facebook account. 

Can I Change My Primary Email Address On Facebook? 

If you have lost access to your primary email account associated with Facebook there are ways to change to primary email address to regain full functionality of your Facebook account.

How To Change Your Primary Email On Facebook?

Changing your Facebook primary email address steps: 

Users can stick to the below-mentioned steps to Facebook change the primary email associated with their Facebook account. 

  1. First and foremost, travelers need to open their web browser on the device and visit the Facebook page. 
  2. Start Login by entering the email address followed by your password. Hit the Login tab. 
  3. Users can locate a drop-down arrow on the Menu homepage located on the extreme right on the top of the page. 
  4. Select the Settings and Privacy option from the drop-down list on the page. 
  5. On another page, users need to select the Settings option and you will be redirected to yet another page. 
  6. Users need to locate the contact field on the General Account Settings
  7. Users will find their primary address listed on the page. Next to it is an EDIT Select it and proceed further. 
  8. Select the following option: “ADD another email or mobile number” to proceed with the changes. 
  9. Users need to enter their new email addresses in the field. Users can make desired changes to their phone number as well through this window on Facebook. 
  10. Hit the ADD option and you may need to enter your Facebook password to save the changes to the email address. 

Once you have performed the above-mentioned steps you will receive an authentication email on your new email address. Open the email and perform as directed in the email to link your Facebook account. Confirm the new email and you’re done. 

Remove My Primary Email from Facebook Support Team

Users can get answers to how do I remove my primary email on Facebook using the Facebook application. Users can make the required changes to their account using help from the customer service team at Facebook. Use the various options to connect with someone from the customer service team such as the helpline number, customer service email address, and live chat. 

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