How Do I Cancel My Comcast Service Online?

Comcast is the provider of telecommunication, telephones, and high-speed internet services throughout the United States under the brand name Xfinity. Comcast users are all over the United States and enjoying the services; if you are also using Comcast and, due to dissatisfaction, want to cancel comcast service online and want some explained knowledge for it, then the further mentioned information will be an asset for you.

Ways To Cancel Comcast Service Online?

Through online mode, you are free to cancel the Comcast services, for which you can enjoy the chat facility. There are other facilities to connect yourself with Comcast that are calling and Comcast cancellation form. You can look for further explanations for how to cancel comcast service in different modes.  

Through Live Chat:-

The chat option is used by users who prefer to get a reply on chat and do not have to pick up any call. So the chat service will be accessible for you by following the points listed:-

  • Get on the Comcast website.
  • Look out for the "Support" tab and select it.
  • You will get the typing bar on your screen, mentioned "How can we help" above.
  • Start chatting online and cancel the Comcast service.

Talk Live Agent Through Phone Call:-

You can cancel the Comcast services by making the call on cancel comcast service phone number 855-870-1311, check the steps onwards:-

  • Hang on the website of Comcast.
  • Check the back strip on top of the page.
  • Tap on the "Call now" option.
  • Your device will take you to the call Dialing page.

Through Cancellation Form:-

The cancellation form is also a service provided by Comcast, through which you can apply to cancel your ongoing service. Follow the steps onwards:-

  • Visit the Comcast web page via your search engine.
  • Click on the "Support" tab.
  • Select the "Account management" option.
  • Choose the "Change, Move or Cancel" and "Cancellation form".
  • Fill it with your relevant information and submit it to request cancellation.

How Much Does Comcast Charge If You Cancel Their Service?

Cancellation charges of Comcast have two types of instructed conditions in which you lie, and they will decide whether you will pay any or not. The conditions are mentioned below in brief:-

  • If no agreement is signed with Comcast, then you can cancel your services easily whenever you wish to.
  • You will not pay the cancellation charges if you request to cancel within 30 days of service.
  • If you are in agreement for 1 year with Comcast and are canceling the services before that time, then you will have to pay the amount of $10 for the remaining month of the agreement.

Comcast services are widely used, and their services are necessary for multiple aspects. Still, they provide services in which you can cancel comcast service onlinefollow the above information related to the cancellation of Comcast services.

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