How do I know if my computer is protected by McAfee?

Is Mcafee enough to protect computer? 

McAfee is a security Software Company in America, later purchased by Intel. It protects our computers from cybercrime and viruses. McAfee users face a common issue in that they are not able to locate McAfee sometimesIs this computer protected by McAfee? To solve this query, you will see several options that will help you find out the answer here.

Check the McAfee Application in your windows

If you are not sure whether McAfee is protecting your computer, you can follow the few steps below.

For Windows 10

  1. Go to the start menu and select the settings option from the application list.
  2. Select the App button there; you will get to see a list of all the apps. From there, you can look for McAfee from the list.
  3. If McAfee protects your computer, you will get to see McAfee programmed list.
  4. Locate the McAfee VirusScan or McAfee endpoint security; you can also find the version of McAfee here.
  5. Go for the entry in the list; you can see the version number below the name.

For Windows 7

Go to the Start menu on your system Locate the control panel and click on it Now, based on your system, you will get directed to All control panel items; else control panel

  1. In case of all control panel items, choose program and features
  2. In the case of the control panel, go to the program and then select the option to uninstall a program
  3. There you will get to see the list of all programs installed. Search for McAfee on the list you can find the McAfee virus scan or McAfee Endpoint security
  4. Go for the column that listing the version number. You can check the current version of McAfee there. 

Does McAfee protect my computer? Yes, it protects your computer from various viruses and security threats. If you have McAfee on your computer but the icon is missing, you can follow the step below to locate it.

  1. Go to the start menu and search for the McAfee icon. In case you can't find it
  2. Go to the All Apps button and check the list
  3. If you get the McAfee in the list, you can drag it from the list to your desktop 
  4. You can now open the McAfee by clicking the icon and check if it is working.

Is this computer protected by McAfee? Once you locate McAfee on your system, it means your system is protected by McAfee. You can also call the customer's representative for any additional help.

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