How do I talk to a live person at McAfee?

You can connect with the experts at McAfee by calling on the McAfee phone number is 1-888-847-8766. Calling on this number will allow you scope to connect with the customer care representatives at McAfee. You can communicate with the experts regarding your McAfee service. In case you are facing troubles and issues then you can communicate with the customer care representatives and they will guide you through.

Let us now have a look at how one can connect with someone at McAfee. Stay tuned and follow the procedure.

  • Press 4 at the first prompt. 
  • Now then press 2 at the second prompt.
  • Stay on line 1-5 minutes.

If you are not connected to the McAfee customer service phone number then other alternative options are below given point:

How to contact McAfee customer service?

In case you are interested in speaking with someone at McAfee then you are advised to stick to the step-by-step guide mentioned down under:

• Take your phone and dial the following number: 1-888-847-8766
• In the first prompt, you are required to press 4.
• Then press 2 and you will be allotted a waiting time that is almost around a few minutes.

Once the waiting time is over, you will get connected with McAfee customer service. You can discuss all your doubts and queries with the customer care professionals and you are good to go.

Moreover, there are other ways available too for connecting with the customer care professionals at McAfee. Alternatively, you can stick to the following ways that are as follows:

• In case you are a home or home office customer then you are required to press 1.
• In case you are a business customer and have been provided with a grand number then you are required to press 2.
• Press 3 in case of a Security alliance partner.
• If none of the above applies, then you are supposed to press 4.
• In order to hear the option again, the users are required to press pound.

When you select option 4 in the above menu then you will have the following options to select from that are as follows:
• In case you are aware of the extension then you need to press 1.
• In order to reach an operator, you are required to press 2.
• In case you want to listen to the option again then you are required to press pound.

McAfee Service Option

In order to communicate with the customer care service department then you must be aware of the service hours of McAfee.

The McAfee customer service number is available round the clock to provide assistance and help to the users. The customer care professionals are available all seven days to guide you through our problems, glitches, and issues.

McAfee phone customer service

Customer care services are provided to the users when faced with certain problems and glitches. The phone number is available on the official support page.

For home office support, the users need to dial 1-866-622-3911.

I hope this helps with McAfee customer care.

McAfee Address

Corporate Headquarters
2821 Mission College Blvd.
Santa Clara, CA 95054 USA

Best way to contact McAfee Phone Customer Service:

Emergency/ Hotline:

North America/Latin America/Asia

+44 175 361 1499
Europe/Middle East

Business Customer Service:

USA and Canada

USA and Canada (Technical Support)

+61 180 007 3267
Australia (SaaS Customers)

+85 280 096 2443
Hong Kong

+9118 003 000 2656


+6 138 699 9200
Australia (Melbourne)

+6 129 761 4200
Australia (Sydney)

+1 905 754 3700

+86 105 951 0600
China (Beijing)

+867 558 282 5003
China (Shenzhen)

+3 314 762 5600

+49 893 7070
Germany (München and Ratingen)

+8 522 824 8229
Hong Kong

+91 806 656 9000
India (Bangalore)

+91 226 260 1300
India (Mumbai)

+35 321 467 2000

+390 255 4171

+52 555 089 0250

+656 222 7555

+88 628 729 9222

+662 648 6001

+44 175 361 1000

+3 380 554 2633
France (Business)

+49 800 664 7628
Germany (Business)

+3 980 090 2644
Italy (Business)

+6318 001 441 0475

+65 800 448 1657

McAfee weblinks as shown:

McAfee official link
McAfee Facebook Page
McAfee Twitter Page
McAfee Instagram Page

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