How Do I Install Xerox Printer On Windows?

If your Xerox printer is not working properly or you are unable to pair it to your computer. It might be a driver issue on your Windows 10 laptop. Drivers are the link that makes your printer accessible to your Windows. Suppose you bought a new pc or reset your pc. You need to re-install the printer drivers in order to connect your printer to your windows. First, you need to have the right drivers file for your printer to install in your windows.

Downloading The Right Drivers For Your Printer

To make your printer work smoothly and connect to all your devices, you must install the drivers compatible with your printer’s make and model. Below are the steps to download xerox printer drivers for your printer.

  • Go to the official website of Xerox printers.

  • Go to Support and select drivers.

  • Go to the download drivers for windows pc.

  • Enter the model number of your printer and download the compatible drivers for your pc depending if your windows 10 is 32bit or 64bit. 

  • Click on the download button, and it will download your driver file to your Downloads folder.

Installing The Drivers To Your Windows 10 Pc

Installing the drivers on your Windows pc is very easy. After downloading the driver file on your pc, you need to follow these simple steps and be good to go.

  • Open the drivers by right-clicking on the driver file and choosing open via administrator to allow the drivers to make changes in your computer.

  •  You will see the exe file extracting the driver agree to the terms and usages of the drivers, and your process of install xerox printer driver windows 10 is completed.

  • Restart your pc, and your drivers are installed and should function properly.

Install Xerox Printer Driver Mac

Installing Xerox printers driver to mac is easy and a small process. Xerox provides all drivers for both windows and mac, which are mainstream and widely used operating systems. Downloading and installing the drivers in mac is a little different than downloading and simply installing the drivers. You need to follow the below steps to make sure you download and install xerox printer driver mac and install them properly.

  • Go to the official website of Xerox.

  • Click on the support and Drivers option.

  • Click on download drivers for Mac os.

  • Enter the name of the Xerox printer with the model number into the search field and press enter.

  • Mark drivers and Downloads under the Integrated Color Server section.

  • Download the Mac OS Common Print Driver Installer for the Mac's version.

  • Open the Downloads folder of the browser you used.

  • Select the driver installer. pkg, file, and run it.

  • Agree on the license use and agreement of usage to install the drivers.

Adding And Syncing the Driver For Xerox On Mac OS

  • Open the Apple menu 

  • Click on System Preferences.

  • Go to the hardware section and select Printers and Scanner

  • Press the + button down the list of Printers to add a print queue.

  • Select the IP address at the top and click on the text field.

  • Enter the IP Address of the Xerox device into the Address field.

  • Click on Select software and type xerox. 

  • From the list of drivers, select the one you downloaded, and it will install on your Mac.

  • Restart your Mac.

This article should help you with your query about how to install xerox printer driver on your windows pc or mac. If you still have any issues, you can call the customer support of Xerox and get help.

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