How can you fix the issues of Yahoo mail not working?

With the app of Yahoo, you can now go through your emails with the help of the notifications. This has definitely helped us get rid of our laptops all the time. You will be able to access your emails in case of urgency. But, despite this feature, you sometimes face the issues of Yahoo in your iPhone device, and you get annoyed.

So, if your Yahoo mail is not working, then you can read the below troubleshooting steps. The steps are very easy to understand, and the users can perform this with ease. If you still face the issues in your Yahoo account, then you can contact the live persons who will help you to gain more knowledge on this and eradicate your issue.

Troubleshooting steps to fix the issue of Yahoo mail in your iPhone:      

Sign in and out of your Yahoo account:         

If you are not receiving the emails in your Yahoo account, then you can sign out and again sign-in to your account. For this, you will have to go to your Yahoo mail and sign-out of your account. Again open the yahoo mail and you can sign-in with the correct credentials.

Delete and re-add your Yahoo Mail on the iPhone:

You can delete your yahoo mail on your iPhone by taking the steps mentioned below:-

  • You will have to first open the settings in your iPhone and enter the “Accounts and password” option.
  • After that, you will have to tap on your Yahoo account and again hit the “Delete account” option.
  • Now, you will have to go to the settings and again enter the “Accounts and passwords.”
  • In the last step, you will have to tap on the “Add account” tab and then choose Yahoo.

These are the steps that can help you get rid of the issue of Yahoo mail not working on iPhone. You are free to get in touch with the customer support team and seek their aid

Why my Yahoo mail not working on Chrome?

Yahoo mail is a versatile platform that enables us to send and receive emails from all over the world. What if it stops working? Well, we have to get it sorted out as soon as possible. Here are some steps for the same.

Steps to fix Yahoo mail not working on chrome

Diversity can be found in the problems that occur in the working of Yahoo Mail. Let’s read about the steps to fix this issue:

Clear the cache of Google Chrome browser:

  • Start Google chrome on the personal computer and click on the menu present at the top right corner.
  • Go to More Tools and select Browsing Data
  • Then check the checkbox of the Cached images and files option.
  • Click Clear Data.
  • Updating of Google browser
  • In the drop-down menu of the browser, hover your mouse on the help button.
  • Select About Google Chrome from the menu.

Then move forward to Update Google Chrome. If you don’t find the option to update Google chrome

  • Restart the computer.
  • Check the JavaScript in Chrome
  1. Open Google chrome, then menu, and then select settings from the drop-down menu.
  2. Select the Advanced option under the settings tab.
  3. Go to Content Settings under the Privacy and Security Settings tab.

Browser extension deactivation

  • Open the menu and go to more tools.
  • Click extension and then remove the extensions one by one.
  • Once the extensions are disabled, reload yahoo.
  • Deactivation of Antivirus and Firewall settings
  • There is a different procedure to deactivate antivirus for all the software.

Once you deactivate antivirus, run Yahoo again and check if the issue is resolved.

  • Use a different to run yahoo account
  • Reset the Google Chrome to default settings

Open the menu at the top right corner of the Chrome window.

  • From the drop-down menu, select Settings.
  • Select the Advanced option.
  • Select Restore settings to their original defaults option that you will find under the Reset and clean up section.
  • Confirm by selecting “Reset settings”.

In case you still find your yahoo account not working on Google chrome, feel free to seek help from Yahoo Customer Service via phone call, live chat, or email support.

A quick way to fix the issue of Yahoo mail not working on Mac

Yahoo mail is the web-based email service provider to share and transfer information. You can check all the solutions stated below like the speed of the Internet and the server configuration of the Yahoo mail. All these types of issues can be fixed by following these solutions.

Follow the steps to fix the issue of Yahoo mail not working on Mac.

Check the speed of the Internet connection

A good internet connection is the most essential thing that is required most in the time of accessing the Yahoo mail account. You can simply get into the account with the help of a username and a password. But in certain cases, the internet stops working, for that you can follow the below-stated steps.

  • Most of the time Wi-Fi icon does not appear on the system. It can be checked easily by a simple click on the System Preferences and the icon of the Network.
  • Check whether the Wi-Fi is turned off or not in your system. If yes then it can be easily fixed by a simple click on the icon and selecting the "Turn Wi-Fi On" option.
  • Restart the modem.

Check if Yahoo! Mail Works Outside of Mac Mail:

It is best to see if Yahoo Mail is not working on these platforms other than Mac Mail or not. The best way to find that out is that by opening the mail account on the default Browser and check whether they see what the real problem is. Here are some of the general steps that you can follow to fix this type of issue.

  • Open the Web Browser across any type of browser like Chrome, or Firefox.
  • Following the above, now do log in to the Yahoo Mail account.
  • In the next move, send an email to one of the other accounts or the same Yahoo ID.

Thus, all the points discussed above are based on Yahoo mail not working on Mac, if you require further support, you can call directly to their helpline number to get the answer or the response.

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