How do I fix MSN not responding?

MSN launched by Microsoft which has its domain name under Hotmail is a web portal that allows people to create accounts for various purposes. It has more than a thousand customers all over the world that made it the most used email services provider in recent years. Despite being the most popular email service provider, this site sometimes faces major issues which create difficulty for its users. MSN not responding issues arise usually due to poor internet connectivity or outdated web browsers.

The fact that internet explorer and MSN are developed by Microsoft proves that they cooperate and work to the best of their ability with each other. However, users still face certain issues.

Information to know How to fix MSN Not Responding

If your account made on MSN not working properly then you can follow up with the steps stated below to resolve your issue -

  1. Reset Internet through settings
  2. Clear caches and cookies
  3. Update your Windows to the latest version
  4. Search for event viewer through the search option and open the Windows logo appearing on the left side
  5. Tap on the filters and check for errors in it and change all events ID to 1000 and then click OK.
  6. The list which will now appear on the screen will show a faulting application name which you can provide to the official website to help support resolving your issue.
  7. Switch to another browser if the Internet Explorer is not working
  8. Re-check the internet connection and ensure that your Wi-Fi is working
  9. Disabling pop-ups and firewalls present in your browser will help you resolve your MSN not responding issue.
  10. Check through System file checker
  11. Ensure that you are using the correct username and password for logging in to your account. Most of the time it is because of capital and small letter mistakes or any spelling mistake due to which a user is not able to log-in to their account.

How do I fix MSN not working on Google Chrome and iPhone?

MSN founded by Microsoft is a collection of various services that can be used in websites using browsers and mobile applications. It became popular with various services like mailing service and messenger. It has millions of active users around the world. There may be chances when you will not be able to use MSN on Google chrome on your PC, which is another great web browser. And you may face some issues within the iPhone too! The MSN provides all the steps in order to troubleshoot this problem quite easily.

Steps to fix MSN not working in Google chrome

  1. Check if the website address in the address bar is correct and you are entering the correct username and password. Both of the fields are case-sensitive, so look if the caps lock is ON or OFF.
  2. If MSN is not opening then check if you are running the latest version of google chrome by going to the settings of the browser and going to the about section of it.
  3. There may be some old corrupted data that might be causing this issue. In order to fix this go to Google chrome history and clear the cache data for MSN. Try again after deleting cookies and data of MSN.
  4. Check if the internet connection is stable and your system can access other websites. You can check this on the bottom right side of your windows system or by accessing any other site than MSN.
  5. Disable all the firewall settings to allow the traffic from MSN in your system. Disable the pop-up in the browser too, and then try again.

This is how I fix MSN not working on chrome.

How to fix MSN not working on iPhone?

The simple steps listed below will resolve the issue of MSN not working on iPhone.

Steps to fix MSN in iPhones

  1. Check that internet service is working fine by trying to access some other website apart from MSN
  2. Check for the credentials that you have entered to get access to your account. Remember it is actually case-sensitive.
  3. Try using a different browser other than Safari, which is a default browser in iPhones.
  4. Clear all the data from the browser and try again to see if it is working.
  5. Reboot iPhone. Sometimes by rebooting the device fixes these issues as it starts those services again after some time.

This is how you resolve the issue of MSN not working on both devices.

Get Instant Solution of MSN Not Working

You can visit the official website and go to the FAQ section for resolving your issue if you do not find relevant information regarding your problem then you can consider contacting professional customer support through the contact details provided on the website. These professional customer support executives are tech-savvy and have all the knowledge regarding MSN not working. They will resolve your issue by providing you with the most accurate solution possible. Also, don't forget to keep your computer or any other device in front of you while talking to customer support which will be convenient for you to explain the issue.

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