How Do I Contact AVG By Phone?


The AVG antivirus subscription is available for smartphones on Android and iOS platforms. If you are an AVG antivirus subscriber and are facing complications using the services then you can communicate with the customer service and support department to get customer services for your AVG antivirus. 

Let us consider some of the best ways to find and connect with AVG antivirus services for devices. 

Does AVG Have Live Support? 

People can reach out to the customer service department at AVG via the live support option available on the official website released by the Antivirus provider.

  1. Users can access the AVG antivirus live chat option on the official support page released to help users overcome difficulties with the antivirus subscription. All you need to do is connect with the customer service live person for added support and assistance with your AVG antivirus program on your device. 
  2. The live chat option to access help works round the clock providing ample resolution and help as far as the Antivirus services are concerned. 
  3. Get optimum support with AVG antivirus customer service to get started with help and support with your subscription. Users can find multiple other ways to get their queries and concerns addressed on time at AVG. 

What are the social platforms available to connect with AVG?

Apart from the AVG antivirus phone number, users can also seek help and assistance via the social media platform. People can find help through Facebook accounts. 

Recently Facebook partnered with AVG antivirus to protect users’ information on the social media platform. 

How Do I Contact AVG By Phone?

Users can find the AVG customer service number listed on the official support page to connect with help with your AVG subscription. 

  1. The helpline number is one of the most reached platforms to seek help with the antivirus services and products offered at AVG. 
  2. You can find multiple numbers listed on the support page for dedicated help with your antivirus subscription. Users can contact AVG on the helpline number respective to their country of residence. 

Get 24/7 AVG Sales Support:

United States: 1-844-259-8811

Britain: +44 (0)-800-652-4940

Australia: +61-1800-429-319

Users can also start a chat online to seek help with AVG technologies. A chat person is assisted to address your queries and concerns. 

Users can also go to their AVG account to find answers to multiple questions they may have as far as the antivirus subscription is concerned. 

If you have questions and queries with your AVG account you can find solutions under the Customer area on

What Is An AVG Phone?

AVG phone is the mighty phone security system delivered by AVG subscription. Install AVG phone and let it run in the background to protect your device from possible threats, malware, spyware, unsafe apps, and malicious viruses. Restrict all the nasty threats to avoid break-in security via getting a subscription to the AVG antivirus for your phone. 

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