How do I change my MSN email password?

What are the steps you need to take to change the MSN email password?

MSN account is one of the best email service providers in the market that takes care of their users. The users, enjoying the best services are careful about getting the information leaked out so they are always up to changing the password of their account to keep it safeguard. But some are not aware of how they can change the MSN email password. So, we are here for their help.

Changing the password of MSN account:

  • The first step is to log in to the MSN account with the help of credentials.
  • Then, you will have to go to the account setup page, and you will see the heading “Password and security info.”
  • Under this, you need to click on the option of “Change password.” You will have to click on the change link that you will find at the right of your password.
  • It will now open the new web page where you will have to enter the old password of your MSN account.
  • In the next step, you will have to enter the new password in the next data field. The new password that you enter is case-sensitive and should be at least 6 characters long.
  • Now, you will have to re-enter your new password carefully in the next data field.
  • You will now have to hit on the checkbox of “Make my password expire every 72 days” if you want an automatic prompt to get your MSN account password changed.
  • The last step is to hit on the tab “Save” to finalize the password change.

We hope that you have understood the process of changing the password. Now, some users complain that they forgot their MSN password, and that is bringing them in trouble. So, for them, we have mentioned the steps to recover their MSN account so that they can follow and eradicate their issues.

Recovering the MSN account:

  • To start the process, you will have to go to the password reset page of MSN.
  • In the next step, you need to choose the option of “I forgot my password.”
  • You will now have to select the option of “Reset your password," and then you can enter the Windows Live ID that will require the password reset.
  • You will now have to fill in the characters that you will see in the text field and hit the “Next” tab.
  • In the last step, you will see the options to reset the password for your account.

This is how you can reset the MSN email password. For more help, you can reach out to the customer care persons and they will provide you with the best information on this. Also, they are available round the clock to cater to your needs and requirements.

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