How To Cancel My Optimum Service Online?

The optimum business provides the service regarding the internet, TV, and phone. But after subscribing to that, you can cancel your subscription by calling the customer service team if you wish to switch. Thus the Optimum cancel service number from the contact page, or if you wish to skip the process, you can use this number (888) 705-7171. 

How do I cancel my optimum business service through phone call?

And after that, follow the IVR menu options as raised below.

  • Press1 to select language

  • Press2 for a mobile service plan

  • Press5 for sports package details 

  • Press9 to cancel your subscription.

  • Press # to speak with customer service.

Can you cancel Optimum Online?

No, you cannot cancel the optimum subscription online. But you can cancel it by calling the customer service team or sending your request through live chat options. And the step through which you can get to the chat option is stated below.

  • Get to the official website of the optimum business and log into your account.

  • Then click on the contact us option.

  • Further, click on the chat with the support option.

  • Now on the right side, the chat tab will appear. Type your concern and hit on the send icon.

What is Optimum Cancellation Fee?

When you don't like the plan, you wish to cancel the subscription to optimum business. Then you have the grace time of thirty days in which you do not have to pay the Optimum cancel service fee. But when you cancel after the expiration of this time, then you will have to pay cancellation costs according to your subscription. The cancellation fee will increase with each moment left on your contract. And the fee could be around $25 for the resident subscriber and $50 for the business subscriber. Moreover, the cancellation fee varies according to the plan, so get a hold of customer service and get the answer.

What is the cancellation policy of Optimum Business 

Whenever you have to cancel the subscription of the optimum business, then you have to follow certain terms and conditions which have been laid by it. Thus the optimum business cancel service policy has been displayed beneath.

  • When you cancel the plan, you can call the customer service team or visit the official store.

  • When you cancel the plan within the thirty days of subscription, you will not be charged the cancellation fee and will be eligible for a full refund. 

  • But when you cancel the plan within the first 180 days, you will have to pay the cancellation fee of around $25 if you are a residential subscriber, and for a business subscriber, you will have to pay around $50.

  • You also might have to pay the additional fee if you have taken any services not covered under the plan.

  • You cancel the plan, but you can't claim the amount you paid for the scheduled visit because the plan doesn't cover that cost.

  • When you cancel the plan, you will have to pay the monthly fee, and if there is any cancellation fee applicable, that also. 

Furthermore, when you read here, you might eliminate the question of how to cancel optimum service, optimum business terms and conditions, or the cancellation fee. But when you still have the question after getting here, then communicate with the customer service team, and you can resolve it.

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