How Can I Recover My Instagram Password if I Forgot Phone Number or Email?

Remembering an Instagram account password is quite important to access your Instagram account. But there are many circumstances that come when you forget your password and face difficulties to log in to your Instagram account which is impossible to access without entering the correct password. Well, Instagram offers different ways of recovering the password that you can easily use to recover the account such as phone and alternate email ID. But what if you don’t have any access to a single option of account recovery for the Instagram account, then you will find the other options for the recovery.

How do I Recover My Instagram Account Without Phone Number?

Did you forget your Instagram account password and also don’t have any access to your recovery phone number or email? Then you don’t need to think too much about that as you can still capable to recover your Instagram account using your Facebook account. But if you don’t know how to recover my Instagram account without phone number or email, then you can just follow the mentioned instructions.

Steps To Recover An Instagram Account:

  • First of all, you have to open the Instagram app on your phone and then tap on the login option on the login screen.
  • You can click on the Get help logging section.
  • Now you will have to enter the username, phone number, or email address associated with your Instagram account and that password you want to recover.
  • You can either choose your Facebook account for logging in if don’t have access to phone and email,  or use the alternate email ID if don’t have access to your phone number.
  • Now you can select the recovery option via email where you will receive a verification code on your alternate email ID if you don’t have access to your phone number.
  • After that, you can open the email ID and then check the received code from Instagram that you will have to enter into the given field.
  • Now you can simply enter the received code into the given field and then you can click on the Continue tab.
  • Now you will have to enter the new password for your choice for the Instagram account into the given box.

You will be capable of knowing how to recover an Instagram account without a password in a simple way after following the above-described steps. But if you are still confronting problems when recovering your Instagram account, then you can get help from the live representative after contacting the support team of Instagram.

How To Recover Instagram Account Without Phone Number

Having an account on social is quite normal; the user can do many things while using the social media apps, like sharing their thoughts, messaging another user, commenting on the other post, etc. Instagram is one of that social media apps, and the user can do all these things when they use Instagram. But there is some situation when the user disables their account, and they want to recover it after some time. The official of Instagram allows their user to recover their account, and if you want to know about recover Instagram account, you need to read below.

Different Ways To Recover The Account Are Mentioned Below.

Via Recovery Mail: The user can generate a recovery code on the recovery and for the detailed process, then need to read below.

  • First, they have to open the login page of Instagram and fill out the user id.
  • Next, they have to click on the forgotten password from the bottom of the page.
  • Now users can see various ways to recover the account. They have to select the option of recovery through recovery mail.
  • After this, they will get a code on the recovery mail; they have to fill out that code in the given space and submit it.
  • They have to set a new password two times and confirm that password.
  • Last, they will get a confirmation message of successfully recovering the account on the registered email id, and they can use their Instagram account.

Via Security Question: This is another option to recover the account. You have to open the Instagram and mention your Instagram in it and then select the option of recovering the account. By doing this, you can see various ways to select the option of recovery through security questions. Then your security comes on the screen, which you set to create the account. You have to answer that question. Then set a new password and use Instagram.

The above ways will help you know how to get Instagram account without phone number, and still suppose if you find any issue, you can contact the official representative of Instagram.

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