How Can I Recover My Gmail id Account without Phone Number or Recovery email

Gmail Account is a widely used site all around the world. At times one loses sight of their id. Gmail representatives believe in providing the best services to its customers at times one has forgotten / or lost their Gmail id due to unavoidable circumstances.

There are ways through which one is able to find its recovery Gmail id if they don’t remember their phone number or recovery email. 

How Do I Recover My Gmail Account If I Lost My Phone Number?

The following steps are there to guide you on how one can recover Gmail -id without the Phone Number. 

  • Enter the last password that you remember in the text box.  Then click on the option ‘’Try another way’’ then choose and click on the ‘’I do not my phone number ‘’ option.
  • In the next step, one will receive the code on their alternative numbers email address provided by Google. 
  • The email address is the email address you have provided when your Google account is created. Click on the send button.
  • One has to follow the step-by-step instructions on the screen, and then you will be forwarded to the Google account recovery page.
  • Then they will be asked to choose a new Google account password. Enter a new password twice in that particular text box.
  • Now one can sign -in for a new Google account with a new password and conveniently access all Google services.

Hence by following a Google account without a phone number is an easy process. One still failed to recover your account then contact Google Service Centre.

If one is failed to access their or wish to recover a Gmail account without recovery E-mail. One has to follow Certain Steps through Which One Can Recover their E-mail Id.

  • In a New tab on your browser, go to 
  • Now enter the email address for which you need to recover the password.
  • Go to Google Account Recovery Page.
  • Enter your email address and click continue. 
  • If one is asked to enter the last password you remember goes on the option ‘’ I don’t know’’.
  • Verify your identity which is located under all other options.
  • Do reset a password your password when prompted.
  • Then one is thrown with series of questions which you must answer to the best of your ability if one is available to provide sufficient details one can or accurate information, you will get your account back.

Thus by following Certain Steps one can get or recover back his Gmail account with the phone number or get their recovery email.  

How You Can You Get Back To Gmail Account With Just A Name

Gmail is one of the preferred email platforms as many users choose to use the Gmail account. You can easily send or receive emails to individuals or businesses. Sometimes, you get out of your Gmail account because of the wrong username and password. You can recover your account and get back all the services again. Sometimes, you just have the username to recover the account. For this, users ask how to recover my Gmail account without phone number to start using again. You can read the below steps to proceed with the recovery.

Steps To Recover The Gmail Account Without A Phone Number:

  • Firstly, you need to open the Gmail official page on your device on any search platform.
  • Afterward, you need to tap on the 'sign-in button' and enter the correct username.
  • With this, you need to tap on the 'forget password' button and proceed to the new screen.
  • At there, you will find the various methods for the Gmail account recovery, from which you need to choose accordingly.
  • From that, you can select the email option from the recovery and tap on the continue button.
  • Gmail will immediately send you the six-digit security code on your recovery email ID.
  • You need to enter that code in the given field available on the new page and tap on the continue button.
  • With this, you will proceed to the new page, where you can create the new password.
  • You can enter the strong new password and re-enter the same password again. 
  • When you tap on the confirm button, you will obtain access to your Gmail account again.
  • Gmail will send you the confirmation message at your registered email id regarding the account recovery.

Recover Through Security Question:

You can also get back to the Gmail account by answering some security questions. You need to answer the questions you added at the time of Gmail account creation. When you successfully give the answer, Gmail will provide you with access to the lost account. For this, you need to choose the security questions method for the recovery.

Furthermore, you can also get through with the customer service team of Gmail to get back to the account. You can ask them how to recover Gmail account to get back to all the services. Hence, you can see the different modes on their support page to get through with the experts.

Recover My Gmail Account Through Various Modes!

Gmail is software to share webmail with family, friends, and offices by creating an account. If you have that account, then you have an issue recover my gmail account; then do not get worried about that because here you can get the appropriate method even if you don't remember anything.

Modes For Recovering Gmail Account 

When referring to this, you can get aware of the various methods that can help you in getting your account back.

Via Phone Number Gmail Support 

When making an account, you enter the alternate phone number, and if you have shared that in your Gmail, comply with the steps written beneath.

  • Open the Gmail official website or application 

  • And then enter your username 

  • On the next tab, choose to forget the password option.

  • Now choose, choose the phone option.

  • Then you can receive the verification message on that number and copy that.

  • At the Gmail tab, paste that code.

  • After that, you can create your new password and log in again.

Via Alternate Email

If you cannot think about the number you have used, then you can use the alternate Gmail accounts.

  • Head to the Gmail official site or its application

  • Then type your user id. 

  • And then, choose to forget password option 

  • Now select the Gmail option

  • After that, get to that Gmail and copy the verification code.

  • Further, paste that into the Gmail page and click on the continue option 

  • Later, you get to create a new password and sign in again.

Via Security Question 

If you don't remember anything or did not provide any alternate option, you can answer the security question and receive your account.

  • Visit the official page of Gmail and enter a username 

  • Click on forget password icon

  • Choose the security question option 

  • Now, answer the following question 

  • Create a new password and log in to your account.

Hence, questions such as how to recover my gmail account may be an issue after reading here.

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