Why Does My Computer Not Turning ON?

Windows updates remain your windows and Microsoft software up to date. Sometimes users face an error on their computer after a windows update. In this situation, many users need to resolve computer not working after the update. For this, you need to make sure that the problem still occurs after the update that you can fix. Hence, you can read further and grab all the details related to the troubleshooting methods.

How Do I Fix My Computer After Windows Update?

Start the windows again:

If you are facing the issue after the update, you need to start the desktop again and check the internet connection. With this, windows may become slow to start the process.

Check that windows are properly installed:

Sometimes the windows update is still left, and you will see the preparing to configure message on the screen. First, you need to install the windows update and fix the issue immediately.

Inaccessible websites:

Once you update the windows and start working again, the website won't open. This problem can be due to the inaccessible websites, as your internet explorer is not accessible to use the service and the website.

Reset the internet:

If the problem on the computer still continues, you need to set the internet to the default network. For this, you need to do the below steps:

  • First, you need to select the settings option on the computer and go to the internet button.
  • Then, you need to choose the security button and tap on the Reset all zones to the default level.
  • Once you select the OK button, the problem will be resolved.

Test the memory and hard drive:

In general cases, no updates will harm the computer's memory, software, or hard drive. You need to check the memory properly, and if this is the cause of the problem, you need to replace all the memory and hard drive. With this, your problem of the computer not working after update will be resolved.

Reset the computer:

If none of the measures fix your issue, you need to reset the computer immediately. To reset the PC, you need first to save all the data in the backup so that you can easily restore the same.

24/7 Computer Tech Support

Moreover, you can also connect with the customer support team of your computer. You can ask them why my computer is not starting after update and get rid of the situation. To reach the representative, you can find the contact modes in their support section.

Need assistance? Fix Computer Not Working Issues After Installing The Ram

It happens with most of us that installing Ram on our computer creates many issues and stops our computer from working. In some cases, the computers turn on and off frequently. The problem can occur due to many reasons like Ram not seated properly, Wring ram slot, ram adapting to working of the motherboard, CMOS battery issues, Bad ram stick, etc.

However, you can fix your computer not working anytime by following the best troubleshooting instructions below. If the problem still doesn't get resolved, you can speak to the company's customer support team from where you get the ram.

Follow the worth mentioning points below to Fix computer issues related to ram installation. 

  • Reset the CMOS battery by disconnecting all the devices and removing the ac power supply. Please take out the battery from wherever it is placed. If it is placed in the vertical direction, remove your battery and note + and - signs. If the battery is connected to the onboard holder, free the battery by disconnecting all wires. Reconnect the battery after a few minutes and then reset it.
  • Check your ram stick for faults, and test them in a different slot and other pairs of slots on your computer.
  • You can also upgrade the ram frequency in the computer and see if it works. To upgrade it, restart the computer and enter BIOS; you can check in your computer's manual. 
  • Check out the ram frequency settings, which are normally there in the advanced chipset section of BIOS. You can adjust the ram frequency as per the amount installed on the computer. Once done, you can then click on save and exit.
  • You can also check if the ram sticks are properly seated. Besides,make sure the pins on either side of the ram stick and slot should be locked.

Following the instructions above, fix most of your issues related to the computer Not working after installing ram. You can try the troubleshooting tips below. Besides, if you need any additional information or have any doubts, let us know by posting your comment in the box below.

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